Caribbean Training & Research Group (CARI-TaRG)





Dr Paul Quantock, Chairman

Dr Quantock holds a number of Chairmanships and Directorships with various organisations and is UK based. He is currently working on training and advisory projects in Africa, India, Eastern and Western Europe and the Caribbean. He has been assisting all types of organisations throughout the world for over 40 years. In 1998 he created The Foundation for European Initiatives ( 2006 he, together with influential Indian figures from Government and NGOs circles, created the “India Healthcare Training Think-Tank” to advise on the future training needs for India in the healthcare sector. Dr Paul Quantock was the Joint Chairman.
Dr Paul Quantock

Dr. Timothy L. Faley (Special assistant to the President for entrepreneurial initiatives at the University of the Virgin Islands)

The University of the Virgin Islands will be an exceptional U.S. institution of higher education in the Caribbean dedicated to student success, committed to excellence, and pledged to enhancing the social and economic transformation of the U.S. Virgin Islands. Dr. Timothy L. (“Tim”) Faley is the Kiril Sokoloff endowed chair for entrepreneurship and the special assistant to the President for entrepreneurial initiatives at the University of the Virgin Islands. Dr. Faley is responsible for building the entrepreneurship program within the university in addition to helping facilitate entrepreneurial activity and economic prosperity in the territory.
Dr. Timothy L. Faley

Dr Paolo Fedele, The Department of Economics and Statistics (DIES), Udine University, Italy

The Department of Economics and Statistics (DIES), promotes, coordinates and organizes the research and teaching activities in the field of Economics, Management and Statistics carried out at Udine University in Italy. The Department’s staff is composed of approximately 60 full time researchers. The Department offers a PhD program in Management and Actuarial Sciences and a number of undergraduate and graduate courses in Business. The Department carries out a vast body of research, ranging from mainly academic work to practice-relevant studies. Three “laboratories” within the Department work at the intersection between rigor of academic research and relevance for practitioners and policy-makers. In the framework of the Cari-Targ collaboration, the Department has appointed Paolo Fedele as the person of reference . Paolo has a considerable expertise both as a researcher and as an advisor in the field of business management and public sector management developed in EU and extra-EU locations.
Dr Paolo Fedele

Giovanni Zazzerini, Secretary General, INSME International (Italy).

Having graduated in Economics, he holds a Master’s Degree in Technology and Innovation Management from SPRU, University of Sussex (United Kingdom) and a Ph.D. in Marketing from University of Perugia (Italy) where he currently teaches Marketing. He is also Adjunct Professor at LUISS University (Italy). He has more than 15 years of experience in the development and management of national and international projects in the marketing, innovation and entrepreneurship field. Since 2008 he has worked as an expert for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation carrying out technical assistance and training activities in China and Vietnam. INSME was established in 2004 in Rome by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development and the OECD with the aim to strengthen international cooperation, exchange of know-how, best practice approaches and expertise in innovation and technology transfer among economic players and intermediaries worldwide. The network currently counts on the support of 94 members from 42 different countries and its multistakeholder community gathering Governmental bodies, International Organisations and NGOs, Intermediaries and their networks are acting in the field of innovation, technology and knowledge transfer and SME related issues.
Giovanni Zazzerini

Dr John-Robert Curtin, Senior Fellow The 4Civility Institute, USA

The 4Civility Institute is a not-for-profit institution, which was created in cooperation with three urban universities in Louisville, Kentucky, United States to better, understand conflict and negative behaviors in all organizations that threaten the health and well being of employees and others. The number 4 in the name of the Institute refers to the Four Pillars of the Institute: (i) Knowledge, (ii) Safe Reporting, (iii) Restoration, and (iv) Advocating.
Dr John-Robert Curtin

Prof Ralph Tench, Leeds Beckett University, UK

P4ACE is a specialist communication research division. It specialises in developing on-line and off-line educational platforms and learning solutions, based on cutting edge research into communications issues. The P4ACE team is made up of academics and practitioners specialising in communication to develop research-based solutions to communication problems and issues for organisations. P4ACE has members/affiliates based across northern, southern, western and eastern Europe. Professor Tench is a communication specialist with significant experience as a researcher and manager of undergraduate and post-graduate programmes in a UK University Business School. He has past experience as a consultant working with and advising businesses in the SME sector.
Prof Ralph Tench


Evangelos Koumanakos, Ass. Professor, Department of Economics, University of Ioannina, Greece

Evangelos has been working with small and large enterprises for the last 20 years as a consultant and mentor. His research is focused in business and entrepreneurship topics and has been published and presented in more than 30 academic journals and conferences. Evangelos is currently board member in various types of organizations including multinationals firms, social enterprises and NGOs.
Evangelos Koumanakos